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Apartments for rent in Halkidiki, Greece


Dionisiou Real Estate owns 4 buildings named Dionisos apartments, Seaside studios with seaview balconies, Akti and Park apartments with seaview and Family apartments in Paralia Dionisiou Beach and Eleonas apartments in Nea Moudania.


Dionisos Palm and Dionisos 4 apartments for rent in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki

Dionisos Palm building is located 150 meters from the beach and Dionisos 4 only 80 meters from the sea.


Apart-hotel  Dionisos Palm

Apartments for rent Dionisos 1 in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki, Greece


Apart-hotel  Dionisos 4

Apartments for rent Dionisos 4 in Halkidiki



Seaside studios for rent in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki


Seaside studios are located close to  the center of Paralia Dionisiou Beach on the front sea road with seaview balconies.


Description and pictures of Seaside studios>>>


Apartments for rent Eleonas in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki


The apartments are located in a great quite area of Nea Moudania only 150 meters from the wide sandy beach.


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Booking apartments in Halkidiki


It is very easy to book apartments for rent in Halkidiki!
Requests about availability in our apartments you can send to: dionisiourealestate@gmail.com. It is neсessary to send 30% deposit to book an apartment and then we will send a confirmation.  

We will be happy to see you among our guests in our apartments in Paralia Dionisiou Beach and Nea Moudania in Halkidiki!


Besides Dionisos 4 apartments, Seaside studios and apartments in Nea Moudania we have  several larger apartments. Please, send requests to dionisiourealestate@gmail.com.


Park apartment with 2 bedrooms in Paralia Dionisiou Beach>>>

Family apartments in Paralia Dionisiou Beach>>>

Akti apartments in Paralia Dionisiou Beach>>>


The village Paralia Dionisiou Beach


Paralia Dionisiou Beach is located 48 km from Thessaloniki, where the international airport “Macedonia” is and only 3 km from the town of Nea Moudania. Paralia Dionisiou Beach is a perfect place for family-holidays with children or for someone who just wants to relax and have a quiet holiday. There are several supermarkets in the village, bakery shops, restaurants and cafeterias. A local market works every evening in the center of the village where fruits, vegetables and clothes are sold. There is a playground and a small park of attractions in the center.


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Also we offer the following services in our office in Paralia Dionisiou Beach:


1.      Rent cars.

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2.      Rent bikes.

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3.      Rent beach equipment.

4.      Excursions.

5.      Rackets for table and beach tennis for our customers – for free!


Apartments for rent n Halkidiki, Greece - Dionisos 4 in Paralia Dionisiou Beach Apartments for rent in Halkidiki, Greece - Dionisos 4 in Paralia Dionisiou Beach.



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