Petralona Cave in Halkidiki

Petralona Cave in Halkidiki

Petralona cave is located 50 km from Thessaloniki and 19 km from our village Paralia Dionisiou Beach, this excursion will be very interesting for adults and children also.

The cave was discovered not long ago – only in 1959 and became famous in 1960 after they discovered the famous fossilized skull of the oldest European man. The age of the skull which was found is 700 000 years old and was discovered among the traces of fireplace, which is considered to be the ancient evidence and significant site of using fire in Europe.

Children will be excited seeing with their own eyes stalagmites and stalactites of all shapes and sizes of Petralona and go through the cave, the length of which is about 2 km (the length of the excurcion is less so it is convinient for young children will not be tired). Don’t forget to take warm clothes – the all year round temperature inside the cave is 17°С!

There is an Anthropological Museum near the Petralona Cave where you can see the finds of the excavations. These findings presented there were found mainly from the Cave, but also from other parts of Greece. There are different sculptures of the animals in front of the museum, with which children take pictures with great pleasure.

You can reach Petralona Cave with your car or a taxi (taxi costs appr. 30 euro from Paralia Dionisiou Beach) or with an organized excursion which you can book through our agency in Paralia Dionisiou Beach.

If you come to Petralona Cave by car there is a free parking and from the parking you can take a road train to the caves (the road train ticket costs 1 euro which can be bought in the souvenir shop located in the parking lot).

Petralona Cave is open for visiting during the summer period every day from 9.00 till 18.00 . People are allowed to enter the Cave by groups (appr. every 30 min.) accompanied by guide who gives an information in Greek or English languages. It is officially forbidden to take pictures in the cave but the guide sometimes allows people to do it.

The excursion lasts 20-30 minutes.