Residence permit in Greece

Residence Permit in Greece

It’s a dream for many non European citizens to receive residence permit in Greece (and then Greek citizenship). Many times perspective to get Residence Permit is a motivation to buy properties in Greece. Because of difficult economic situation and crisis in Greece the Greek government is interested in investments from the foreigners and constantly encourages this interest and improves migration policy.
Getting a residence permit by foreign nationals in Greece is regulated by the law 4251/2014 from 01.06.2014.

There were accepted amendments №4332/9-7-2015 for Immigration law in July 2015 and on 20th of February 2017 was implemented a new procedure of getting residence permit (Instruction №7 from 15-02-2017 about procedure of getting biometric data and residence permit as a separate document).

Residence permit is a document that proves the right of one person who is not a resident of the country to live permanently in the same country. Residence permit gives a right to enter and exit the country  any time u wish  without any restrictions.
Reasons to get Residence permit
There are several types of residence permits in Greece according to Migration law, each has different terms. Generally, any wealthy person can get residence permit in Greece.