Sithonia, Halkidiki

Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki. Sithonia lays between Gulf of Kassandra (Toroneos gulf) and Gulf of Agion Oros (Sigitikos gulf) and ends with Cape Drepano.

Sithonia is mainly a mountanous area with beautiful pine forests. The highest point of Sithonia is Itamos mountain (the height is 811 meters above sea level).

Admirable beaches with white sand, blue gulfs, picturesque bays, hills, crystal clear warm sea, gloss grey rocks, evergreen pines – all these are the main elements of Sithonia.

Sithonia in distinction from cosmopolitan and crowded Kassandra suggests a more quite holiday in nature’s lap and the most exotic lonely beaches all over Aegean sea.


The description of villages in Sithonia


Kalives village is located at the beginning of peninsula Sithonia only 60 km from Thessaloniki airport. There is a fantastic sandy beach with many pines in Kalyves.


Metamorfosi village is located 82 km from Thessaloniki airport and is famous by its pine forest.


Nikiti (or Nikitas, greek – Νικητή) is one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki.

It is located in the north of the Sithonia peninsula, 37 km east from Nea Moudania, approximately 90 km from Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki and between the villages Metamorfosi and Neos Marmaras. Nikiti has approximately 2500 inhabitants. The village Nikiti consists of two parts, the old and the new village. They are split up by the main road Halkidiki – Sithonia.


Psakoudia attracts with its atmosphere of seclusion and tranquility. A wide sandy beach, numerous beach bars, and a relatively small number of tourists make it an attractive place for those seeking a secluded and peaceful vacation.

Toroni (Τορώνη)

Toroni is a small tourist village which is located 140 km from the airport of Thessaloniki in the south part of Sithonia.

It is a quite village without large hotels and crowds of  people with long sandy beach and breathe taking views. The village is surrounded by forests and mountains.