Residence permit for buyers of properties for 250 000 euro and more

Golden visa for buyers of properties over 250 000 euro

Buyers of properties for 250 000 euro and more can get residence permit according to the simplified procedure

Who? The right for this type of residence permit have all foreigners who own one or few properties  with total cost not less than 250 000 euro. Wife/husband, children and parents (from 2 sides) of the property’s owner have the right for resident permit together with the owner.

Entry to the country: with any type of visa (C or D)

Bank account maintenance: not needed

Period: the permit is given for 5 years.

Prolongation: after 5 years is prolonged automatically for 5 years if the owners still owns the property.

Work: residence permit for financially independent persons are not allowed to work.

Selling the property: if the property was sold during residence permit to another foreigner, the right of residence permit passes to the new owner with revocation of residence permit of the previous owner.


  • Application form
  • 3 photos
  • Copies of all pages of the passport (valid not less than 1 year)
  • Purchase/sale agreement for property with a cost not less 250 000 euro
  • Certificate from register office that the contract was registered
    Certificate from greek notary who signed purchase/sale agreement that all the cost of the property was paid
  • Health Certificate from a  Greek public Hospital
  • Private health insurance in Greece
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificated for children with apostil, AFM (personal tax reference number

An applicant is given a document with which he can legally stay in Greece until he gets residence permit.