Residence permit for financially independent persons

Residence permit for financially independent persons

The most popular and easiest way to get residence permit is a program for financially independent persons.

Who: any foreigners who have regular income and his wife/husband and children under 18.

Entry to the country: only with national visa category D.

Bank account maintenance: minimum amount 24 000 euro plus 20% for wife/husband and plus 15% for each child.

Period: the permit is graneted for 2 years.

To prolong: after the first 2 years the visa is prolonged for another 3 years.

Work: residence permit for financially independent persons does not allow one to work.

There are 2 stages in receiving residence permit for financially independent persons:

  1. To receive a national visa category D in the Greek Embassy in the current residence of one.

The main term to get the national visa is to have an official confirmed income. The level of sufficient funds shall be determined by joint ministerial decision but not less than 2000€ per month. It can be any kind of income: salary, rent, pension, profits and dividends etc.

  1. To apply for a residence permit in the register’s immigration office in Greece in the current residence in Greece and should be done before the national visa D expires.


  • Application form
  • 3 photos
  • Copies of all pages of the passport (valid not less than 1 year)
  • Bank account statement in a Greek bank (minimum bank deposit at 24.000 Euros for 1 applicant)
  • Receipt for payment of the state duty (500 euro)
  • Health Certificate from a  Greek public Hospital
  • Private health insurance in Greece
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificated for children with apostil, AFM (personal tax reference number

An applicant is given a document with which he can legally stay in Greece until he receives the residence permit.