Prices in supermarkets in Greece

Prices in supermarkets in Halkidiki, Greece

Prices for food in greek supermarkets can vary in different areas and location (tourist or non-tourist areas) and the type of the shop or trade chain. Generally prices in small shops and in tourist areas are a little bit higher than in the chain supermarkets. But this isn’t always the rule – sometimes smaller supermarkets have local suppliers and producers and their prices then can be lower, but higher quality.

In our village Paralia Dionisiou Beach there are 2 minimarkets where one can buy all necessary food, household chemicals and associated goods. Also there are 3 bakery shops, sweets shop, butcher shop, and chemist shop. There is a market in the center of the village which works every evening during summer months where one can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, olives, honey and other goods. Every morning there are vans/cars which sell fresh fish (you can hear announcement on the loud speaker (Psaria, psaria – it means “fish” in greek).

In nearby town Nea Moudania which is located 3 km from our village there are chains of supermarkets (greek Masutis (Μασουτις), Galaksias (Γαλαξιας) and LIDL.

Also there is a market/bazar in Nea Moudania every Wednesday morning which is considered to be the largest in Halkidiki. One can get from Paralia Dionisiou by foot (appr. 20 mins. of walking), by bus or by taxi from (5 euro).

Below you can find average prices in chain supermarkets in Halkidiki. The prices in minimarkets of Paralia Dionisiou Beach can be a litlle bit different.

Prices in chain supermarkets in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki (2018)

Bread – 0.5 – 1.00 euro
Milk 1l – 1.10 euro
Olive oil 1l – 6-8.00 euro
Water 1,5 l – from 0.25 euro
Coffee 200 g – 5.00 euro
Juice 1l – 0.85 – 1.85 euro
Greek wine 750 ml – 3.60 – 10.00 euro
Beer 0.5l – 1.00 – 1.10 euro
Spaghetti , 500g – 0.75 euro
Rice 1 kg – 1.40-3.00 euro
Salt 1 kg – 1.00 euro
Flour 1 kg – 0.78 euro
Beef mincemeat, 1 kg – 7.95 euro
Pork mincemeat 1 kg – 4.76 euro
Beef, 1 kg – 8-9 euro
Pork, 1kg – 4-6 euro
Chicken fillet, 1 kg – 6.9 euro
Fish , 1 kg – 5-10 euro
Eggs 10 pc. – 1.60-2.00 euro
Cheese sold by weight , 1 kg – 7.50 – 13.50  euro
Feta  in box, 1 kg – 10.00 euro
Sausage,  1 kg – 5-10.00 euro
Fruits an vegetables – prices differ due to the seasons.