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Real Estate in Greece

Our company buys property in Halkidiki, builds apartments for permanent residence and smaller apartments, studios and maisonette houses for holiday vacation and relaxation. We also propose apartments for sale in Halkidiki from other building company’s besides our own (work as real estate agency).

Also our company is involved with the tourism business: leases its own apartments for rent in Halkidiki in Paralia Dionisiou Beach during the summer period and offers tourist services (organized excursions, cars rental, renting bicycles, and all information about Halkidiki etc.).

After many years of work we have gained a wide experience and an excellent reputation in the building industry of Halkidiki market.

Our excellent reputation is the reason why we deal only with dependable builders, who offer high-quality building and legal objects of all property in Greece.

Disclosure and transparency rules, honesty are the principles of our company. We have considerable knowledge about property market in Greece and provide for our customers full and true information about all the stages of purchasing the property and objects for sale in Halkidiki.

Our company office is located in Paralia Dionisiou Beach.


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Svetlana Yuvchenko


Office Dionisiou Real Estate in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.

We have license for all services which we provide: rent apartments, tourist agency, real estate services and construction.

Why buy properties in Greece from construction company is more reliable way to chose quality real estate?

Besides quality properties on the greek real estate market (like in any other country) there are unfortunately a lot of properties of poor quality which are built of bad materials and have building faults. Many future customers can’t estimate by eye the quality of real estate offered by the seller.
Experienced real estate agent can consult the client about the reasonability of the price and its liquidity. But only constructor with wide experience can expertise the competency of building construction, estimate rationaly the allocation of heating systems, electricity and water systems. But if a client applies directly to the construction company in Greece the Greek builder usually doesn’t have a lot of objects for sale enough to make a choice. That’s why the best choice for buying property in Greece is the construction companies which provides as well real estate services.

Our company has been in the construction business for more than 20 years and has a wide experience with the Greek property market. All our own properties are of high quality and when we chose real estate from other construction companies in Greece for our customers we also make the highest demands.