Residence permit for practicing independent economic activity

Residence permit for practicing independent economic activity 

There are 2 types: independent economic activity and development of investment activity).

Non-EU nationals shall be allowed to enter the country in order to practice independent economic activity, provided that they have sufficient funds to practice the activity, amounting to at least 60 000€, which shall be deposited in an account in the name of the applicants with a recognized bank. After the issuance of the special visa, this sum shall be deposited in a corresponding domestic institution.

The resident permit is given for 2 years and the applicant has to have national visa D. If the foreigner continues to practice independent economic activity, pays taxes the resident permit is prolonged every 2 years.

Residence permit for development of investment activity is given to a  foreigner in order to make an investment of at least 300 000€, which shall have positive effects on national economy.

Together with the applier the same residence permit is given to the members of his family – wife and minors. The application for the residence permit shall be submitted to the Greek consular authority of the third-country national’s place of residence.

The residence permit may be renewed for 3 years if the foreigner continues his activity and pays all the taxes.