Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania (Νέα Μουδανιά), Halkidiki

Nea Moudania is the second largest town of Halkidiki.  It is the largest commercial and trade town with a population of appr. 15,000 people and is located on the seaside of the Thermaikos gulf and is only 51 km from the Thessaloniki airport.

There are many stores, shops, taverns, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and night clubs, the branches of central banks, post office, gym, tennis court and theater. The perfect beach of Nea Moudania will not leave indifferent any tourist. There is a port in Nea Moudania from where you can hire a boat for fishing.

Nea Moudania isn’t considered a tourist town, but even though many tourists visit during the day from nearby villages. The town is lively all year round and doesn’t depend on a tourist season. The life is comfortable there any month of the year.

Beach in Nea Moudania

There is perfect wide sandy beach with a long entrance in Moudania. The beach is marked by Blue Flag. You can stay on the beach at one of numerous beach bars and taverns and use their sunbeds and umbrella when you make an order or use your own equipment. There is a fantastic view from the beach of Kassandra on the left side and Olympus mountain on the right.

Infrastructure of Nea Moudania

Shopping in Nea Moudania. There are many stores, banks, post office, 24 hours health center and police in Nea Moudania. The chain supermarkets are presented by Greek Masutis (Μασουτις),  Galaxias (Γαλαξιας), Sklavenidis (Σκλαβενιτης), Jumbo and LIDL.  Besides  large supermarkets there are many small food stores, butcher, fish shops,  bakeries, chemists shops and private doctors. As for clothing and shoe stores one can find a large variety in Nea Moudania. The working  hours of stores (except chain supermarkets) are from 9.00 to 14.00 every day except Sundays  and from 17.00 to 21.00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Market in Nea Moudania. Every Wednesday there is a market in Nea Moudania which is the largest in Halkidiki where you can buy clothes, local products, vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, fish, wine, honey, grocery and many other products which are offered in a wide range and at low prices in the market. All these are sold at lower prices compared to the stores with a large choice and quality. This is why the market is popular to the locals of Nea Moudania and to the people who live in the nearby villages. Many travel agencies organize excursions to the market of Nea Moudania. The market is located very close to the bus station of Nea Moudania and is very easy to find – the flow of cars and people moves towards the market from the early morning, from 7.00 a.m. till 12.00 midday. The market in Nea Moudania is a perfect place for buying food, goods and traditional presents from Halkidiki. We can recommend you to buy traditional Greek souvenirs such as olives in vacuum pack, retsina (barrel wine), olive oil, feta, cheese, honey, flavorings and olive soap.

Transport in Nea Moudania. The direct buses from Thessaloniki to Nea Moudania and back depart  from KTEL Halkidiki station appr. every hour during the day. The travelling time is appr. 45 min. Also Nea Moudania bus station is connected to most towns and villages of Halkidiki.

Taverns, bars and night clubs in Nea Moudania. There are a lot of great taverns in Nea Moudania not with tourist food as in many tourist villages of Halkidiki but with real Greek cuisine. The prices are not expensive, but the quality is very high. All the seafood offered in taverns is fresh and fished from the sea on the day you order it. Erodios (Εροδιος) is considered to be one of the best taverns in Nea Moudania and is located on the seacoast near the port. Also we recomment to visit taverns Pelagos (Πελαγος) and Monopati (Μονοπατι), which is opened only during the daytime and is very loved by locals. By the way, if you come to the port early in the morning you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen. People who are fond of night life will find entertainment in Nea Moudania. The most popular bars and clubs during the summer period are, Kivotos, Sueno, Gonza and Stones, during the winter  period – Kivotos, Stones and Sherlock’s. There are live and entertainment programs on weekends in the bars. However, it isn’t boring on the week-days also – pass along the seacoast and you will see a lot of bars.

Entertainment and places of interest in Nea Moudania 

The town has its open theater on the seaside with a picturesque view, where different concerts and events are often held. During the summer season there are various performances such as puppet and marionettes shows for children in the central square of the town. The tourists who visit Nea Moudania in mid July can take part in the annual Sea and Sardine festival which lasts for a week. There are different events during the celebration and the main part of the holiday is a grand feast where you are offered sardines and local wine.

There are playgrounds for young children in Nea Moudania, which are very popular. Children can use all the bouncy castles, slides, trampolines and other entertainment for unlimited time, while their parents having a rest at the café’s tables. The entrance fee for such kind of playgrounds is usually 3-4 euro (the ticket is needed only for children) and includes a juice for the child. One of the most popular and largest playgrounds in Moudania is Dambo which is located opposite the tennis court and Zouzounia (on the seaside in the area of our own aparments for rent Eleonas).

There is a water sport center 600 meters from Nea Moudania beach in front of the hotel Ikos Oceania. They offer to all visitors a variety of water activities and rent boats and jetski.

Prices in water sports center in Nea Moudania>>>

It will be interesting to visit the ethnographic and Fisheries museum in Nea Moudania for grown-ups and children. The museum works from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 till 14.00 and from 18.00 till 20.00 and from 9.00 till 14.00 on weekends. The entrance fee for adults is 2 euro, for children – 1 euro.

There is an impressive church which dominates over the town and is seen from all points. It consists of 2 parts – lower and upper. The lower ground section of the church is named Agios Nicolaos, Irini and Rafail and the upper section is named Agios Georgios. The church service is performed every Sunday morning and on religious holidays, women usually sit on the left side and men on the right side. There is a small chapel in front of the main church and many people stop for a minute in order to light a candle and pray. The town of Moudania celebrates on the 8 of September  the  day of of Panagia Korifini icon which is considered to be the patroness of Nea Moudania.

Nea Moudania is a perfect choice, if you want to visit true Greece.

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