Pictures of Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki

Pictures of Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki

Paralia Dionisiou Beach is a lovely place in the heart of Halkidiki, Greece. It is a typical greek village where you can enjoy beautiful sea, wide sandy beaches, traditional greek cuisine and hospitality of greek people!

The market on the central square of Paralia Dionisiou Beach works every evening from 18.30 till 23.00. You can buy fruits, vegetables, olives, honey, other local food, clothes, bijouterie and many other things  there.

The confectioners shop is located in the central square of Paralia Dionisiou. There are many types of cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, ice-cream, greek delights and many other kinds of sweets. This is paradise for those who like sweets.

There are many types of ice-cream in the shop which you can take with you (1.50 euro per ball) or stay at the table (in this case they will serve it nice and it will cost more). Don’t forget to try small ice-creams which are sold by weight and are in the refrigerator inside of the shop. All ice-cream is home made!

We recommend to try bougatsa pie in Dionisiou Paralia. Bougatsa – is a traditional greek pie with cram or cheese and is a traditional setialitat of Nothern Greece. The best bougatsa in our area is made in our village: many greek people from neighborhood villages come to buy bougatsa in Dionisiou Beach! This family cafe exists from 1918 and is heritated from the father to the son, which strictly follow the original receipe. The cafe works from early morning till bougatsa finishes (11.00-12.00). The portion costs 2.20 euro and you can take it away or sit in the cafe, the price is the same.

Also we recommend to try corn on the grill in the evening which is sold on the central square of Dionisiou Beach. The price is 2 euro per piece.

There is a butcher shop in the center of Paralia Dionisiou Beach, where one can buy fresh meat: beef, pork, lamb, chicken and rabbit on request. All meat is fresh and of the highest quality and is supplied from the nearby farm. You can also ask for all types of meat to be put in minced machine and in any proportions you like.

There is a kiosk in the center of Paralia Dionisiou Beach where one can buy cigarettes, sweets, drinks, ice-cream, newspapers, sm-cards for mobile telephone (the passport is required) and other things. It works usually till midnight during the tourist season.

You can rent bicycles in our office in Paralia Dionisiou Beachand enjoy riding in the surroundings.

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