Paralia Dionisiou Beach

Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki, Greece

Dionisiou Paralia village is located 48 km from Thessaloniki and 3 km from Nea Moudania.
The village has very convenient geographical  location – it is placed before the cross road to 3 peninsulas of Halkidiki (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos), that is right in the center of Halkidiki. It allows the guests to travel around Halkidiki, throughout all three peninsulas avoiding the long road distances.

The closeness of Paralia Dionisiou Beach to the city Nea Moudania with a population of 17 000 people (3 km) also has advantages: the opportunity to reach it fast by car, taxi (6-8 euro) or by foot (about 40 minutes along the beach) and use all the infrastructure of the city with its shops, chain supermarkets, entertainment, theatre, discos and night clubs.
During the summer period Paralia Dionisiou Beach attracts a lot of holiday-makers  – mainly greek people, who have holiday homes  or just rent apartments.  Also a lot of Serbian and german people spend their holidays in Dionisiou Beach which is very popular among families with kids.

Paralia Dionisiou Beach is a quite tourist village which spread’s about  3 km. There is a wide sandy beach along the whole village. Free beaches for own beach equipment alternate with organized beach bars, where you can buy a drink and use their sunbeds and  umbrellas  for free. The sea bottom also takes turns in the village – there are some areas with pebbles and some areas with sand. The entrance in the sea is long and flat, that makes the beaches of Dionisiou Paralia ideal for holidays with kids.

Dionisiou BeachEndless sand beach in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.

There are many taverns and cafes along the beach and around the central square, which offer’s traditional greek cuisine, fresh fish and seafood.  Many taverns have playgrounds for children in order  for  young visitors not to get  bored and let their parents  have a rest and enjoy greek cuisine and the beach.

There is a very popular café at the central square, which offer’s  traditional  greek  pie called  bougatsa with cream and cheese. One can see non-stop flow of locals and tourists to this place in the morning. In the evening  this café offers traditional greek sweets called loukoumades which look like doughnut’s  in honey.

Bougatza Cafe, Dionisiou Paralia, HalkidikiBougatsa Cafe, Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.

There is a playground for kids and mini-park of attractions in the central square, which start it, s work after traditional for greek people siesta. The market works every evening in the centre of Paralia Dionisiou Beach where one can buy fruits, vegetables, olives, olive oil, honey and other local products. In the morning fresh fish and fruits are sold from the cars which are driven around the village. There are 2 supermarkets in the village where it is possible to buy all necessaties. Besides supermarkets, there is a butcher, bakeries, confectionery, drug store, kiosks in Paralia Dionisiou Beach.

Our office Dionisiou Tours (Dionisiou Real Estate, Dionisos Apartments) is located in the central square and besides renting Dionisos apartments the tourists can find all necessary information about the area, buy excursions, rent a car, rent bicycles and get advise and buy real estate in Greece from  us.

Office Dionisiou Real EstateOffice Dionisiou Real Estate in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.

There is a center of water sports Totally Surf near hotel Oceania Club at the distance of 600 meters from the village (towards Nea Moudania) where you can rent skouter, catamaran, wakeboard, canoe, surfing, water ski and have lessons with experienced trainers.

Paralia Dionisiou Beach is a lovely corner, typically greek village, where you can have a rest from city noise and fuss and enjoy the sun, clear Aegean sea and greek food.

If you want to visit true Greece you are welcome to  Paralia Dionisiou Beach Halkidiki!

Dionisiou Paralia Central Square, Halkidiki, GreeceCentral Square in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.
Promenade in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki, GreecePromenade in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.
Promenade in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki, GreeceThere are many flowers along the promenade in Paralia Dionisiou Beach.
Beach Bar in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, HalkidikiBeach Bar in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki.
Market in Paralia Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki, GreeceThe market in Paralia Dionisiou Beach is open every evening.

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