Prices in taverns in Halkidiki

Average prices in taverns in Halkidiki

The prices in greek taverns are approximately the same everywhere. But if the restaurant is located close to a place of interest or has fantastic panoramic view the prices can be much higher.

The following pricelist is given on the basis of  restaurants in Paralia Dionisiou Beach and Nea Moudania. There are many taverns in Paralia Dionisiou Beach and Nea Moudania where fresh seafood is served, mainly because of  the local greek people the cuisine isn’t touristic, but classical greek.

Prices in greek taverns (on the basis of prices in Paralia Dionisiou taverns)

Meat main courses
Steak (beaf, pork, chicken) –  7.5 euro
Lamb ribs – 7.5 euro
Kempap  – 7.5 euro
Usually the price is given per kilo – from 22 to 48 euro per kg
Gavros fried (fried small fish – one of the popular by greek people dishes) – 6.20 euro
Traditional Greek dishes
Pastizio  – 6.50 euro
Mousaka – 6.50 euro
Eggplant salad – 3.6 euro
Russian salad – 3.1 euro
Tzatziki – 3.1 euro
Cheese salad – 3.7 euro
Mackerel  – 4.1 euro
Salted tuna fish – 5.7 euro
Mussels with rice – 6.20 euro
Stuffed potatoes – 3.90 euro
Stuffed pepper – 3.90 euro
Stuffed cuttlefish – 7.00 euro
Octopus on the grill – 9.20 euro
Mussels on the grill – 6.20 euro
P.S. Some of greek starters are very substantial and can be ordered  as a main course.
Yellow cheese croquettes –  4.20 euro
Fried feta cheese – 3.60 euro
Yellow cheese saganaki – 3.60 euro
Fried vegetables
Potatoes – 3.10 euro
Eggplants – 3.10 euro
Zuccini – 3.10 euro
Pepper  – 3.10 euro
Greek salad – 5.10 euro
Cucumber and tomato salad – 3.10 euro
Roka salad – 5.10 euro
Lettuce salad – 3.10 euro
Green salad Horta – 3.20 euro
Beetroot salad – 3.10 euro
Cauliflower salad – 3.10 euro
Greek wines – from 10 euro for a bottle
Retsina (greek traditional wine, 0.5l) – 3.20  euro
Homemade wine (o.5l) – 4.50 euro
Beers (0.5l) – 2.50 – 3.50
Cola, Fanta, Limonade etc. – 1.50 euro
Water 0.5l – always and everywhere 0.50 euro!
Coffee – 2.00 – 2.50 euro

We recommend to visit cafe Ladokolla where the best in Paralia Dionisiou giros and souvlakia are cooked. You can also order take away food there. Tasty fresh giros sandwich with french fries costs 2.70. euro.
Cafe-pizzeria and beach bar MiraMare offers to their guests great pizza and wide range of meat, fish and seafood dishes. Also they have a dish of the day which is usually tradition greek food like mousaka, pasticio or green beans, which can’t be easily found in other taverns. And in the evenings they offer the best pancakes in the village (2.5 euro).
Tavern Angellos is the best tavern in Paralia Dionisiou village. They offer the widest range of fish, seafood and meat dishes.

In Paralia Dionisiou Beach we recommend for you to visit taverns Angelos, MiraMare, Kavos. In Nea Moudania there are 2 well known taverns in Halkidiki – Erodios and Marina.