Why buy property in Greece: 16 reasons

Why buy property in Greece

1. Acceptable prices for realty estate in Greece on the seaside. Prices for new realty near the sea start from 800€ per sq. meter. Prices for the similar apartments in other EU countries (Italy, Spain, France) are 10-30% higher.

2. Low yearly taxes and fees in Greece in comparison with other European countries.

3. Low purchase costs and a short list of necessary documents.

4. High demand for renting apartments in Halkidiki. Realty estate in Greece can bring a good income. For example, apartments 60 sq. meters with 2 bedrooms near the sea can be leased for 80-120€ per night.

5. Reliable investment, because prices forsecond hand property in Greece are not less than for new properties. If you bought property close to the sea you can always sell it for the same amount.

6. All the owners of property in Greece and members of their families get a Schengen touristic multu-visa. Buyers of properties over 250 000 euro can get Golden Visa (residence permit) for all members of the family.

7. Prohibition for high buildings in Greece. There are not buildings higher than 2d floor in Greece In comparison with many countries (for example, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Spain and others), that’s why there doesn’t exist the problem of population concentration.

8. Hospitality of Greek people.

9. High percent of English-speaking people allows avoiding language problems.

10. Direct flights all year round to Athens and Thessaloniki.

11. Very low crime rate.

12. Mild Mediterranean climate in Greece, in opinion of pediatricians, it’s an ideal place for children’s holidays.

13. High level of tourism: developed touristic infrastructure and transport system.

14. The largest length of seacoast. Greece has the second most blue flags in the world.

15. Cultural heritage, a large amount of places of interests.

16. Orthodox Christians.