Vourvouru is a small village which consists mainly of villas and apartments for rent.

Before Vourvouru village there is a sightseeing point with a water spring on your left from where you can enjoy picturesque view. Bring an empty bottle to fill it with fresh spring water.

Karydi (Καρύδι) Beach in Vourvouru

The most famous beach in Sithonia is Karydi (Καρύδι) Beach, sometimes it is called the pearl of Sithonia. There is a sign towards this beach to the left from the main road. It is a small gulf with a long sandy entrance to the beach where the water is blue green colour and surrounded by all sizes and shapes stones.

This beach is very nice, but because it is popular there are many people who visit it.  There are a lot of trees by the seaside, where you can stay under the shade, but if you plan to be on the beach we recommend you to have your own beach equipment, because there are no beach bars.

Restaurant “Gorgona and Poulman”

There is a popular restaurant “Γοργονα ν Πουλμαν” (“Gorgona and Poulman” can be translated as “Mermaid and Bus” ) which is picturescue located on the nice beach with a view of a gulf and Athos peninsula. Many people come to this restaurant with boats and yachts. But there is also parking area for cars in front of the restaurant and very easy to find the restaurant, it is located on the main road of Vourvouru.

The restaurant offers seafood and meat dishes. The cuisine is great there! Have a look what locals eat and order the same: you will not be let down!