Sithonia’s beaches

Sithonia’s beaches

Greek people have anecdote: When 2 men of Thessaloniki went to paradise after their death one of them looked around and said: “it is nice here, isn’t it?” And the other answered: “Yes, very nice, but nothing compared with Halkidiki….”

Halkidiki is famous for its beaches, but the most beautiful ones are in Sithonia. Holidays in Sithonia are quite specific, but not everyone would like it, because the nature and beaches are fantastic, but the distances to supermarkets, taverns and entertainments are quite long and one has to have a car to reach them.

But Sithonia is a perfect destination for travelling around; it will impress with its beauty and will leave unforgettable memories.

The best way to travel is driving around Sithonia and stopping on your way to varies beaches and having a meal in taverns.

There are many famous beaches in Sithonia, about which there is a lot of information in internet, but  also you will find not so known beaches, but  can be equally nice and interesting for visiting.

Armenistis Beach is a popular among young people camping with a picturescue beach.  

Paradisos Beach is located 3 km from Neos Marmaras town.

Secret Paradise Beach is a hidden paradise of Sithonia.

Sykia Beach is a picturesque beach surrounded by mountains.  

Tristinika Beach – Ethnik Beach Bar is a modern trendy beach bar which is located on the long sandy beach Tristinika 2 km away from Toroni village in the south of Sithonia.  

Vourvouru – is a small village which consists mainly of villas and apartments for rent.  

Zografou Beach is a small beach where is located family camping.