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Land is 40 687 sq. meters and is located in front of the beach 10 km from Stratoni. There is a great sea view from the land.

The property is adjacent to the sea and falls in an outstanding natural beauty area at the end of the promontory, with a south-east orientation, facing the Ierissos Bay. The sandy seashore is almost private, and remains lee throughout the summer season when winds blow from north. It constitutes a perfect combination of woodland, mountain and sea, with an amphitheatrical formation of land towards the sea, forming a unique leisure area. Its shape is like a parallelogram, with 121.00 m width and 312.00/365.00 m long and a 122,23 m long face to the seafront. According to the General Urban Plan of Stagira-Akanthos Municipality provisions, in such areas, agrotourism units up to 50 beds are allowed. Agrotourism may also include a mix of residence and agriculture-poultry-livestock related installations.

For the tourism acticities allowed, the Presidential Decree of 20.1.1988 (Gazette 61D) provides the following terms and restrictions, fixed at the time the plans are approved by the National Tourism organization (EOT)
– Plot ratio up to 0,2 for plots having an area up to 50 stremmas
– Maximum building height 7,50 m
– Maximum plot coverage 20%.
– Setback from shoreline, from 50m to 100m.
– Maximum exploitation (built-up area) without obligation to offer land to the municipality 4.000 sq.m.

If you are interested in this plot, please, contact us and we will provide you with land plans, estimated calculations for hotel’s building and other detailed information.


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