Planetarium or Thessaloniki science center & technology museum

Only a 15 minute drive from the center of Thessaloniki or 30 minute drive from our apartments Dionisos in Paralia Dionisiou Beach and Nea Moudania there is a very exciting place of interest for children: planetarium. It is called by people the planetarium but its official name is Thessaloniki science center & technology museum which highlights much better.

It is impossible not to notice the museum: the main building is a huge metallic shape sphere and attracts the attention from the far and is visible from the main highway Thessaloniki-Halkidiki . The museum is located on the hill with a nice sea and Thessaloniki view.

The museum consists of several parts: digital planetarium, 3D giant screen cinema, motion simulator, ancient Greek technology, classic automobiles and the techno park hands-on area.

The inventions of ancient Greeks with natural size many of which or its principles are used in modern achievements now are collected in ancient Greek technology hall.

The classic automobile hall will be especially interesting for boys and their fathers: they are original and special cars which were produced from all over the world.

Science or techno-park hall is an interactive zone which presents all the main science area where the visitors are allowed to touch and should try all the different experiments! Your children will meet with optic tricks here and will be able to raise the weight of the car with simple robe device and make many other experiments. 40 exhibit items will explain difficult features such as magnetism, electricity, optics and mechanics.

Motion simulator will cause excitement even at regular entertainment park’s visitors: it allows experiencing different feelings including free fall sitting in your chair. The visitors were sent to the trip to the Great Chinese wall in March. The programs are changed every months.

Enjoy visiting café with its breathtaking view to the sea and Thessaloniki after Planetarium.

Official web-site of Thessaloniki science center & technology museum (ΤοΚέντροΔιάδοσηςΕπιστημών& ΜουσείοΤεχνολογίας(NOESIS))
6ο χλμ. Οδού Θεσσαλονίκης – Θέρμης – Τ.Θ. 60330
Θέρμη 570 01
+30 231 048 3000