Mouries (Μουριές) in Halkidiki

If you are looking for a quiet, calm and peaceful place after tense active life in the city Mouries is an ideal choice.

Mouries is a small area which is cosy located along the seaside between two greek villages Flogita and Paralia Dionisiou Beach. Official Mouries is a part of Paralia Dionisiou Beach, which is a 10 miutes walk on the the road along the sea.

There is no hotels, no stores, no bars and no noisy night clubs and the cars only from the locals. All the above can be found in the neighboring areas  Nea Moudania, Flogita and Paralia Dionisiou. Mouries was created only for relaxing and quite holidays. Most of the houses are owned by greek people and few foreigners who have bought. Most of the gardens are well groomed and taken care of from the owners and with pomegranate and apricot trees, vegetable gardens, many flowers. The only thing which will disturb you is the cars from which fresh fish and fruits are offered.

There is only one beach bar and tavern in Mouries – Kavos. There is fantastic view towards Olympus mountain on your right side and on your left side you can see the Kassandra peninsula.

Mouries is a place where people live traditional greek lifestyle and you can feel it and join them. Every morning people walk or ride bicycles to the bakery shop in Paralia Dionisiou Beach to buy bread, at 7 o’clock every morning the local fisherman collects the fish from his nets and rows his boat back to the shore wherepeople wait for him to buy fresh fish. Many people from the whole area do morning or afternoon jogging, walking or ride bicycles. The locals go to the beach with their own sun beds and umbrellas and have a swim for a long time discussing with great emotions news and gossips. In the evening locals walk to the neighbouring Paralia Dionisiou Beach or Flogita to the market with fruits and vegetables.

Mouries is a real paradise. You can forget about everyday problems here, and turn in upon oneself, and learn to live the greek lifestyle with all its advantages, feel the refreshment of your mind and body. Here you can use the phrase of Faust “Ah, linger on, thou art so fair!”

We invite you to open these feelings!

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