Kallithea (Καλλιθέα)

One of the most popular tourist villages in Kassandra is Kallithea which is located 75 km from the airport of Thessaloniki. The population of the village is approximately 1000 inhabitants. During the summer season the population increases dramatically because of the arriving tourists. There are a many hotels and apartments for rent in Kallithea village.

The name of the village can be translated as nice view in the Greek language. And this is true.  The village if famous for its picturesque and clear beaches surrounded by hills and mountains covered in pines. The beaches are sandy and the water has a nice turquoise color. The only disadvantage is descent to the beach if you are on foot.

There are many taverns, cafes, bars and stores in Kallithea, also night clubs and discos.

Also Kallithea is famous for its large quantity of representatives of the furs factories and furs stores.

Places of interests in Kallithea

The Temple of Ammon Zeus
The Temple of St. Panteleimona

Events in Kallithea

The holiday of Saint Panteleimon  is celebrated on 27 of July.

International swimming competition. The sportsmen swim through the Toroneos gulf (24 km) starting in Kallithea and finishing in Nikiti, where there are many celebrations after the end of competition on the last Sunday of July.

Kallithea Beaches

Kallithea is famous for its wide sandy beaches with blue water and many popular beach bars. There are also water attractions on the beach.

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