Afytos (greek Άφυτος)

Afytos is a unique place in Greece where many tourists and locals visit every year. This is a place where one wants to return again and again and each time there is something new to see and do. Magical Afytos‘ atmosphere makes you fall in love with this place and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Afytos is located 72 km from Thessaloniki. The population who live all year round is appr. 1200 people. Locals are occupied in agriculture and tourist business mainly.Afytos is a traditional Greek village which is located on the north-east seaside of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki. It is one of the most ancient villages which has existed over  3000 years given to us by the evidence and what has been found  in Dionnissiy cathedral (8 century BC). Afytos was a flourishing town in ancient and classical periods with their own manufactured coins. Classical Greek philosophers and historians such as Straton, Fukidid, Strabon have mentioned Afytos in their works. Afytos has been destroyed and rebuilt many times in the past. But it’s today’s view started to be rebuilt in 1827.

Afytos can not  be compare with any other village in Halkidiki because of its original architecture. Afytos may be called “stones village”, because the houses in Afytos are mainly built with the local Afytos stone which are mined here and supplied all over Greece. Besides unique architecture its location is on the top and side of the cliff with unbelievable, breathe taking views of the sea and Sithonia peninsula. There is a paved stone road with many taverns and bars with fantastic sea views on the top part of Afytos which is called “stones balcony” of Afytos by locals.

Afytos has its own atmosphere and local color. It is a very pleasant to walk around Afytos:  narrow stone paved streets are calling out with history, small stone houses, and cozy green gardens, unhurried lifestyle of locals – all this has created a charm for Afytos. Many houses of the 19th century have signs with the names of builders and owners.

There are many places of interest in Afytos. There is the main church of Afytos in the central square – St.Dimitris church which was built in 1858. This church and most of the village has a unique architecture style and is the only basilica with has a dome in Halkidiki. The interior of the church is also interesting: candelabrum, rich iconostasis, old icons.
An must part of Greek life and local color is food in which Greek people take much care and pay attention. Greek taverns offer a wide range of national cuisine in the upper part of the village and at the seaside. Tavern “Sparos” which is located in front of the beach is very popular at locals and tourists and offers you a great view of the lighted cliff of Afytos. This is a very stylish tavern which offers fresh fish and seafood. The prices are very affordable with quick and quality service.
Shops lovers will not be disappointed with many souvenir, cloth and small shops with handmade jewelry.There is a small ethnographic museum near the church. Visitors can see the works of famous sculptor Pavlis and visit the house of another famous artist Parali and the musician Mandakas. There are ruins of holy places Zeus and Dionis only 4 km from Afytos near Kalithea.

Afytos is a very popular tourist resort with developed infrastructure and its authentic charm and is still one of most attractive villages of the region. Besides that Afytos is visited by many tourists for its position it is also very proud for its beaches on the bottom of the cliff where Afytos is located. Cozy gulfs, sandy and pebble beaches with long entrance to the sea, crystal blue water, many beach bars attract many tourists and Greek people from different areas every day. Afytos’ beaches are marked with “Blue Flag” and is ideal for family holidays.

Afytos is a pearl of Kassandra peninsula, picturesque Greek town, which has a unique character, paradise village with gulfs, crystal blue sea and sandy beaches.  Sea and beaches, bars and taverns, places of interest, shops and hospitality of locals – all these you will find in Afytos.

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