Advantages of property in Halkidiki

Advantages of property in Halkidiki or why to buy in Halkidiki

1. Short distance from the international airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki. Travel time varies from 30 minutes (the beginning of Halkidiki) till one and a half hours (the end of peninsulas).

2. The prospect of considerable prices’ growth for property in Halkidiki. According to specialist’s research, prices for property will increase in connection with general development of the resort and reduction of the quantity of permissions for building.

3. Direct flights all year round to Thessaloniki.

4. Convenient and advanced transport connection between all tourist cities and villages in Halkidiki. Detailed information about bus connections between Thessaloniki and Halkidiki’s villages  you can find at web-site of  KTEL CHALKIDIKIS SA.

5. Seaport in Thessaloniki and Nea Moudania, from which you can reach many Greek islands.

6. Bathing season lasts at least 5 months per year.

7. Beautiful areas, pine forests and many trees.

8. Halkidiki is famous with the largest quantities of sand beaches in Greece.

9. The distance from Halkidiki towards the many beaches and winter resorts is minimum (1 to 3 houres distance).

10. Halkidiki is one of the most popular and prestige resorts in Europe and has developed tourist infrastructure.

11. It is considered that the most quantity of Greek long-livers in Greece live in Halkidiki. According to the statistics, the longevity in Greece is 77,1 years for males and 81,9 for females. **
**According Wikipedia