Party for our young guests in Dionisos complex

This summer we provide parties with a clown for our young guests every 2 weeks.

The party takes place on the ground floor of Dionisos building and we invite to join us the guests of any our apartments. The nearest party will happen 23.06 at 19.30.

A merry and cheerful clown manages to unite and entertain children of different nationalities and ages! The program is for 1.5 hours.

First our clown inflated colorful balloons and like magicians she created different items such as swords, crowns, flowers, dogs and cats. After the active team games start in which children of all ages take part. And then it is time for face painting and bodyart during which the girls become princesses and the boys become Spiderman and batmen.

The first party of this season was on 9 of June and all children and their parents enjoyed it very much.

We and our unforgettable clown Mimi are waiting for our guests this Friday 23.06 at 19.30 in Dionisos again!