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Economic property in Halkidiki - Greece


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Economic property in Halkidiki - Greece

Your summer home at the seaside!


Dionisiou Real Estate Company suggests the widest choice of economic property in Halkidiki-Greece.


Not only privilaged people can enjoy their holidays in the Aegean Sea and Halkidiki in their own apartment! The price of apartments and yearly expenses are much lower than you can imagine and consider.  Even persons with an average income can afford property with very competitive and affordable prices. The procedure of purchasing and the execution of the contract is simple and doesn't take a lot of documents and time.


We will assist you to choose your apartment which will meet your expectations and budget on the seacoast and furthermore we will assist you in the signing of the final contract.

Buying property in Greece is a reliable investment, because the prices for economic properties increase in spite of the general trend of decreasing prices in relation with economic crisis in Greece. Houses, apartments and studios in Greece may get a good income if you lease them – the demand for accommodation near the sea is steadily high and it isn’t a problem to lease your property in Greece if it is located on the seacoast.

Greece is one of the few countries where the annual tax for property doesn’t exist. Therefore all the expenses for property consist of expenses for water and electricity.  This increase’s the interest for  investment for property in Greece.

And besides all these Greece is a country in which it is impossible not to fall in love with! The longest seaside in Europe and the rich cultural heritage attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year and nevertheless all of them find places on the endless wide beaches. Halkidiki is one of the most popular resorts in Europe because of its beautiful nature, clear sea and developed infrastructure. Buying property in Greece, Halkidiki is an opportunity to go from the tourists category to the” summer residents”  and then maybe to the «locals».

The owner of the property in Greece and all members of his family can apply for a one year shengen multi-visa.  Also all the friends of the owner can get a visa for the dates of their visit, if they enclose the certificate for property  in Greece.  The invitation for the Visa Center is in very simple writing.

We invite you to visit Halkidiki – the fantastic place in the world! It doesn’t matter for what purpose you come to this blessed place: to buy property in Greece or like a tourist for a holiday, either way you will enjoy your holiday for sure!